The Pink Palace ouzo cup volley!

a volleyball drinking game...

Pink Palace Ouzo Cup Volleyball

Some call the Ouzo Cup the Booze Cruise on dry land. Ouzo Cup is basically a volleyball drinking game.

The basic premise is pretty simple we organize a volleyball tournament (the number of games are determined by the number of participants) using largely standard volleyball rules. It is here that the game then gets its Pink Palace treatment.

At any time the referee can change rules or bring the entire group in for points challenges. These challenges are only restricted to the referees imagination and the vibe of the group. Challenges range from team drinking too much more racy exploits, depending how badly the participants want to win!

Of course Ouzo Cup isn’t just for the players, it is also a spectator sport for those waiting for their round or just wanting to watch. Most of the audience spends the games dying from laughter, drinking, socializing, and sometimes (because of our crazy rules) even participating!

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