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Working at The Pink Palace

Working at The Pink Palace is an incredibly unique experience and a memory for a lifetime.

Positions Available

Web Marketing: Available

We are looking for a person who has experience in marketing and updating websites such as Facebook/Twitter and other work relating to this. HTML and PHP programming skills are a bonus.  Please email us with your CV.

Receptionist: Available

This position requires a patient, friendly, outgoing individual to greet customers upon arrival and to work at the reception desk assisting customers with questions and other various reception matters. We are seeking an individual with excellent people skills who is also quick on their feet and able to address our guests’ concerns with charm.

Bartender: Available

This is bartending position in our Palladium nightclub or on the  Beach Bar. 

Busboy: Available

The busboy position at The Pink Palace is a night time position serving dinner and collecting dinner plates and subsequently collecting glasses and cleaning spills in the Palladium nightclub. We are looking for energetic, hard-working, and responsible individuals who can work diligently during our dinner hour and endure the nightly demand of working until the late hours when the Palladium nightclub closes.

What is expected of you

All Pink Palace staff members must be prepared to work 6 days a week. Each agreement is worked out individually though we usually expect a minimum of 3 months commitment. We expect all of our staff to work hard and to the best of their ability. We actively support and encourage our staff to have fun both on and off shift however you are here to do a job so that takes precedence. The good news is that all of the roles filled by seasonal staff are fun and interactive, you will often find yourself telling others how you have one of the best jobs in the world.

What you get

All of our staff get to live on-site – your new home has 4 bars including a 24hr bar, nightclub and beach bar, is on the beach, has a constant supply of fun people and a wide range of activities and things to do on your time off. All of our staff live in “Staff Quarters” a shared house that is just for you right near the Hotel. You also get 3 good meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). Discounted general goods and 1€ alcoholic drinks. Of course if that isn’t enough you also get a bunch of free drinks every week, a weekly allowance and bonus at the end of your stay*

I Want A Job

There are three ways to apply for a job here.

1. Use our Contact Form – with the subject as employment with your CV, a little about yourself, your availability and a CURRENT PHOTO. Please note we get a lot of applicants so may not be able to give a response if you are not successful.

2. Come visit and ask for a job during your stay. This is where we get most of our staff from, they come and just don’t want to leave. The benefit of this method is you get to see what The Pink Palace is, speak to the staff and see if it really suits you.

* Every staff members individual agreement is worked out with the Owner and may change from the above.

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