The Pink Palace quad safari!

see the beautiful island of Corfu...

a six hour trip...

to places that you would never see!

The Pink Palace Quad Safari

The quads are street legal

Looking for a great way to see the beautiful island of Corfu while getting a big adrenalin buzz? Why not come on our Corfu quad (ATV) safari?! This six hour tour includes a packed lunch and takes you to places you would never find by yourself.



We start our trip at The Pink Palace where we teach you how to drive a quad (ATV), including a little test drive to make sure you are competent and  feel confident.

If you don’t feel like driving and you just want to enjoy the ride, you can go as a passenger with a friend or better yet sign up as a passenger with one of our highly trained safari leaders. Then it is off as a group to our first destination the beach, on the way you will travel through Greek villages, olive groves and breathtaking cliffs. Once at the beach it is time for a swim and sunbathe. We generally spend an hour at the beach so there is plenty of time to relax.

Up The Mountain

 corfu-quad-safari-2Next we drive up a mountain to a local monastery. Here you can see amazing views of the island. We also play and have out packed lunch.

After the monastery we head to the next lookout. To get there we go through mountains, off-road, through multiple villages and even on a low traffic highway. Once we get to the Kaisers Throne lookout you will be blown away by what some call the greatest view in Corfu, with amazing views of the interior, Corfu town and Mainland Greece.

Next stop is an amazing local cafe on the outskirts of The Pink Palaces nearest village of Sinarades. To get there however we need to go off road. We shoot over rocks along cliffs and through olive groves, without question one of the most enjoyable aspects of the safari.

The cafe has amazing views overlooking the Agios Gordios bay. After the break it is back on the bikes to refill them with gas then back to The Pink Palace for a FREE group shot.

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