Official prices

The prices below apply per night – per person –  including full breakfast. By choosing a different rate plan you can also include dinner in the price of the room. Depending on the length of the stay visitors can also receive extra offers.  For stays of 2 nights or more our hostel provides  free pickup from Corfu Port, Airport or Bus Station.

Special offers

Pink Palace has always been about the guests and we love having you here. We know that travelling is expensive and have always set our prices to maximise fun over profit.Every day we have guests telling us that they wish they were staying longer so we have decided to make it easier.

10% discount for 3 days stay or more on the total cost.*

A  4 wheeler  for a day, if you book for 4 days or more.*

*The offers apply on Half Board rates only.


 TypeRoom With
Breakfast & Dinner
Room With
Breakfast only
A Class Shared31 €26 €
B Class Shared28 €22 €
Dorm24 €19 €
A Class Private Room**32 €26 €
B Class Private Room**28 €24 €

Regular Pricing

 Type Room With
Breakfast & Dinner
Room With
Breakfast only
A Class Shared26 €21 €
B Class Shared23 €18 €
Dorm22 €18 €
A Class Private Room**26 €21 €
B Class Private Room**23 €18 €

**Single private rooms by request only

Prices include

  • 24-Hour reception & bar

* These inclusions depend on the rate plan and/or the duration of the stay chosen.

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Important info

  • You can reserve a room online, by fax & phone
  • If you are travelling alone you can share a room with other people.
  • Single Room on  a request basis only.
  • Just let reception know when you arrive.
  • We accept Visa & Master Card. (MBNET is not accepted.) 5% Fee

Must read

The Pink Palace has always done things its own way. Many of you over the years have pointed out that we are more of a Resort than a Hostel. With things like Activities, multiple bars and a Nightclub as well as a maximize room size of just 5 beds we have to agree.

As part of a massive review over the winter we have decided to commit 100% to embracing what we have always been, not a Hostel but a communal experience based Resort.

Part of this is how we assign rooms. This year you can choose to experience the benefits of hostel living in one of our shared rooms, or you and some friends can get your own private room just like a hotel.

Whatever type of room you choose you will continue to receive the same amazing experience that makes us such a memorable destination.To book a shared room you simple choose one of our shared room options and select the amount of beds. So if there is six of you just select six beds.

If you want a private room that guarantees that you will not have anyone else in your room your select by room. So a group of three people might select an A Class 3 Person Private Room.

And of course you are completely free to pick multiple options on your booking. So for example a booking for five might have a couple that wants their own private room and three people who are happy to be in a shared room. In this case you select one 2 person private room and three beds in a shared room.