Social Staff

As Social Staff you work to drive the vibe of the Resort and ensure our guests have an amazing time.

What you will be doing

As social staff you will lead the social aspect of the activities ensuring that the guests have the greatest time possible. Onsite you will be responsible for driving the general vibe of the resort by interacting with our guests day and night as well as running our night events.

You will also be responsible for taking photos and videos for use by our marketing department as well as assisting them with marketing activities.


  • Social Staff is strictly a female role
  • You must be someone who is mentally strong, confident, capable of holding your own and leading others
  • You must be friendly and capable of interacting with a wide range of people
  • You must be comfortable with nudity, both other peoples and your own
  • You must speak English


Frequently Asked Questions

What is with the nudity

Limited staff nudity at the resort is about leading the way and making our guests feel comfortable enough to feel free to do things they have always wanted to do. Nudity is part of both the Activities Leader and Social Staffs role because it forms part of the show and you can’t ask guests to do something you won’t do yourself.

While a small degree of nudity is expected in this role at all times your safety and comfort comes first. You are in no way expected to put yourself in a position that makes you feel uncomfortable or risks your safety. For example jumping naked on the Booze Cruise is a requirement of this role. If one day you do not feel comfortable to do so due to some of the guests on board or other reasons then you simply inform the manager you don’t want to do it that day.

Is the role sexual

No the resort is not a brothel or strip club. You are in no way required to engage in any form of sexual activity nor do anything for the titillation of guests.

Can females be Activities Leaders

Yes Social staff are not female activities leaders. Although the roles work very closely together and have many of the same responsibilities they are two distinct roles. Social staff concentrate on the social aspect of the activity while Activity Leaders are more of a leadership role that concentrates on the operations of the activity.

Why is Social Staff a female only role

The role of Social Staff is to make our guest feel comfortable to do what they want and lead the way. We have found that one of the most frequent requests we have had at the resort is for more female staff around. We also found that our guests prefer when there are female staff on activities. Having a female staff member doing things like running body shots and taking photos also removes a lot of the unintended sexual undertones and awkwardness.



We currently have no openings for the Social Staff role.

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