Marketing Assistants

The Marketing Assistants role is to work as part of the marketing team to help run our marketing program.

What you will be doing

You will be assisting the Marketing Manager to carry out on and off site marketing activities. Part of your role will be general marketing assistance, for example you may be sorting through photos, talking to guests or helping to develop marketing campaigns.

The other part of your role will be your specialisation.


The editor is responsible for the acquisition and manipulation of photos and video for use by the business. You will use your editing skills to create interesting videos for use onsite and online to inform and entertain our guests.

 Social Media

The Social Media staff member is responsible for maintaining our social media presence. You will monitor and operate our social media accounts ensuring they are constantly up to date and offering interesting and engaging information to our followers.


The designer is responsible for creating and editing all of our visual media like the website and posters. You will create all of our marketing media from onsite posters and digital displays to things like stickers and website graphics.


  • You must be friendly and capable of interacting with a wide variety of people.
  • You must have demonstrated experience in your specific specialization.
  • You must have a high level of understanding and empathy for our core target markets including their desires and motivators.
  • You must be comfortable with nudity and sexual behavior
  • You must speak English


Frequently Asked Questions

What is with the nudity

Marketing staff member are not required to get naked in any way. The only roles that require a small degree of nudity are Social Staff and Activities Leader. You will however need to be comfortable with nudity and sexual activity. The Pink Palace is about freedom and for many people that involves nudity and sexual activity. Not only will it be around you but the media that you are dealing with may include it.

Is the role sexual

No the resort is not a brothel or strip club. You are in no way required to engage in any form of sexual activity nor do anything for the titillation of guests.

How much experience do I need in my specialty

We require you to have enough experience to do your role without significant guidance. As we also require you to have an excellent understanding of our target market (18 – 30) we do not expect you to have extensive experience and are more than happy with applicants at the start of their career


Our Marketing Assistant Roles are not currently open.

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