Bus Staff

Officially bussing at The Pink Palace is like bussing at at any other hospitality venue, delivering and picking up plates, collecting empty cups and cleaning up mess. Of course The Pink Palace isn’t like other hospitality venues. Busboys are one of the oldest traditions at The Pink Palace and a large part of the role is, and always has been, to drive the energy and vibe of the party.

What you will be doing

The role is split into two parts, Service and Guest Interactions.


The service part of your role is about ensuring our guests have high quality food and beverage service as well as ensuring all public areas are kept clean at all times. This can include things like food delivery, picking up empty cups and cleaning up spills as well as setting up and breaking down meal services. The service part of your role always takes priority.

Guest Interaction

The guest interaction part of the role is why Busboys have always loved being Busboys. For decades Busboys have had the reputation as being the biggest partiers who drove the party. Pink Palace staff are fun, Busboys are insane.

Your role as Bus Staff is to ensure that all of our guests are having the most amazing time of their life. Your job is literally to party and interact with people.


  • You must be social and love to party
  • You must be a hard worker that can operate with limited supervision
  • You must be friendly and capable of interacting with a wide range of people
  • You must be comfortable with nudity and sexual activity.
  • You must speak English



Most of our Bus Staff are recruited on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is with the nudity / Do I have to get naked

Bus Staff are not required to get naked in any way. The only roles that require a small degree of nudity are Social staff and Activities leader. You will however need to be comfortable with nudity and sexual activity. The Pink Palace is about freedom and for many people that involves nudity and sexual activity.

Is the role sexual

No the resort is not a brothel or strip club. You are in no way required to engage in any form of sexual activity nor do anything for the titillation of guests.

Can females be Bus Staff

Yes. Busboys are a traditional name with a lot of history behind it. In the past The Pink Palace has had Busboys and Beach Kitchen Staff. In 2015 we are merging the roles into a single entity and expanding their guest interaction which will make the Resort not only run better but also make the role even more enjoyable for the staff.


This role is not currently open.

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