Our Bartenders are responsible for creating quality drinks for large numbers of guests while entertaining them at the same time.

What you will be doing

You will be working our bars ensuring that they are operating at the highest efficiency at all times. A large part of a Pink Palace Bartenders role is to interact with our guests and drive the vibe of the venue.


  • You must be social and love to party
  • You must be a hard worker that can operate with limited supervision
  • You must be friendly and capable of interacting with a wide range of people
  • You must be have experience working in a Bar
  • You must speak English


Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need

Our bartenders require a good combination of speed and interaction. At times, especially in the Nightclub you need to be able to make drinks as fast as possible so people can get back to partying. At other times you will need to entertain people and will drive the energy.

While we are open to all bar experience you will have ideally worked in a busy bar/pub where you have had to make a high volume of drinks while still interacting on a personal level with your patrons.


We currently have no openings for the Bartender role.

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