Activities Leader

As Activities Staff you work to drive the vibe of the Resort and ensure our guests have an amazing time.

What you will be doing

You will be organising and leading our daytime activities and assisting with other onsite entertainment. This is a leadership role that requires you to lead the way and ensure that the activity runs effectively and safely and the guests have the best time possible.


  • You must be someone who is mentally strong and confident and capable of holding there own.
  • You must be friendly and capable of interacting with a wide variety of people.
  • You must be physically strong and fit
  • You must be a natural leader and capable of controlling groups of people
  • You must be comfortable with nudity, both other peoples and your own
  • You must speak English



In the past we have found that Activities staff is the most desired job and almost everyone seems to think they would make an amazing activities staff member. The new Activities Leader role require a very unique skillset. Because of this we hire for this role exclusively onsite where we can witness an individuals suitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is with the nudity

Limited staff nudity at the resort is about leading the way and making our guests feel comfortable enough to feel free do things they have always wanted to do. Nudity is part of the Activities Leaders role because it forms part of the show and you can’t ask guests to do something you won’t do yourself.

Is the role sexual

No the resort is not a brothel or strip club. You are in no way required to engage in any form of sexual activity nor do anything for the titillation of guests.

Can females be Activities Leaders

Yes. The Activities Leader role is open to both genders.

How long do I need to be in another position first

Activities roles are very rare, even more so now that Social Staff exist. Do not apply for another role hoping to get into activities. Former staff and people in other roles are generally moved into this role because they have proven themselves to be the type of person we are looking for. It is not a reward for long service.

How fit do I have to be

While there is no specific level of fitness almost all past activities staff have come from a physically active background. Many have been former military, professional motocross racers and even high level athletes.

As an activities staff member you will often be placed in situations where you will require a high degree of fitness for example recovering atvs, pulling anchors or leading kayak safaris

I want to work X Activity

Activity assignments are based on the needs of the business. While we try to take into consideration personal desire you will be assigned to what we feel will create the best activity. We do however try and move people around the activities to generate new ideas as well as keep the staff from burning out


This role is not currently open.

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