The famous Corfu booze cruise

Come aboard the famous Pink Palace Corfu Booze Cruise, a Booze Cruise like no other.

The Booze Cruise offers the full span of possibilities during your Pink Palace experience.

Cliff jumping or diving, snorkeling and beach hoping

Whether you’re looking to chill and enjoy magnificent views from a boat, or you’re looking to get wild and crazy on the mystical waters of the Ionian Sea.

Please Note: All activities including cliff jumping, drinking games etc. are completely optional.

Follow the story below…

1. Departure

After departing from our private beach at midday you will head to the first cliff jump where you can jump anywhere from 20 to 50 foot cliffs.

2. Bat caves

The boat then continues along the beautiful western coast of Corfu until we get to the amazing bat caves. Here the boat will anchor and you will be taken inside a bat-filled cave. After waking up the bats, it is cliff jump time again with a range of different heights to jump from.

3. A secluded beach

Once everyone is back on board it is off to a secluded beach for swimming, relaxing and a very special beach game.

4. Back to Pink Palace

After an hour or so we head back to the Palace with a whole lot more drinking, dancing and games, returning just in time for happy hour.